Abel really cares about his customers and goes out of his way to make your car look amazing… The first time I used his services was in June 2012, when I asked if he could repaint my hood and fix my front bumper so my car would look better.  He did an incredible job, even replacing the front head light covers for free.  The car looked so  much better than some of my friends asked me if I had gotten a newer car! Then I accidentally hit a car from behind in March 2013 and tore apart all the work he had done last summer.  Abel was so kind and helpful, offering to tow the car to his shop and fix it as fast as possible.  He does amazing work for the prices he charges.  Not only does the car look incredible, but he even did some mechanic work on it while repairing the body.  It’s now a safer, better looking car than it ever was before! I could not say enough positive about Abel or the level of skill he has.  I have heard horror stories and seen mismatched paint jobs on cars, but he made mine look like a new car.  I would highly recommend getting a quote from him before you use anyone else.  He is very patient, very friendly, and really cares about his customers.

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