Leo Auto Body Shop

We Serve with Great Care at Leo Auto Body Shop Upland

At Leo’s Auto Body Shop, our mission is to deliver highest level of satisfaction and value through quality and excellence. Our highest priority is delivering maximum value through our service. That is why we promise not just quality, but also care of the highest level. We care for your best interest, and we care for your car. We make sure that your vehicle is handled by the most skillful hands and people who love your car as much as you do.

Over the years, we have served a plethora of clients with the best collision repair service in Upland, CA. Our exceptional customer service is built over three pillars.

Competitive Edge

You don’t want you car to remain in the auto shop for weeks before you can see your baby again. As auto repair specialists, we understand what your car can mean to you. We don’t want you to stay away from your beloved for longer than necessary. That is why we use the most sophisticated technology in order to expedite the collision repair and paint process. We have the technology to ensure a flawless job in the shortest period of time.

Compassionate Team

Do you know why we have invested in the best repair and auto paint facility in CA? Because, we care for you and your car, and we want you to serve with nothing but the best. Our level of care reflects the compassionate nature of our team. It is the reason we have designed our services and approach to be extremely customer centric. We offer a highly customized service tailored for your vehicle and your budget.

Satisfied Clientele

Leo’s Auto Body shop is founded by a highly experienced collision repair expert with vast expertise. As we mentioned, we have served a multitude of clients with great care and compassion. From pickups and SUVs, to sports cars and luxury sedans, we have revived them all. Our customer service and quality have made them return to us whenever they needed, and not to mention, we have always provided them with value beyond their expectations.